Chloe Ainsworth
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Luke,Amanda,Sabrina and Felicity


Glee club

First Appearance:

The Plan

First Song:

For The Love Of A Daughter

Chloe Ainsworth is a character in the fanfiction, Vocal Adrenaline - A New Start.

Her character was auditioned for by Samchel fan.

Background Story:Edit

Chloe's life isn't easy. Her mother died when she was eight years old and she doesnt' have a good relationship with her dad. Chloe's dad is an alcoholic and doesn't like Chloe. She doesn't have friends and she sees Vocal Adrenaline as a chance to be something important.


Chloe is a shy girl, but when she is closer to someone, she can be sweet, cute and sensitive. When she is angry, she is sarcastic and she can bring the person down very easy.

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