Luke Owens
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Sabrina,Amanda and Felicity


Glee Club and Jocks

First Appearance:

The Plan

First Song:

Wanted by Hunter Hayes


Amanda Johnson

Luke Skylar Owens is a character featured in the Fanfiction:Vocal Adrenaline A New Start. His audition song was Wanted by Hunter Hayes.

He was created by SamcedesandKlaineForever.

Season 1Edit

The PlanEdit

The Disaster Assignment Edit

He's dating Amanda


He's the jock that tries to convince his friends to stop picking on other teens.

Luke is considered different than the rest of his jock buddies. He doesn't party all the time like them, tease the other kids like them, date the girls they date, and they definetely don't condone the thought of him being in Glee. But Luke really doesn't care because at this moment in time he's only trying to impress one particular person:Sabrina. He falls for her more everyday and he really wishes she'd notice, but she doesn't.


He lives with his bubbly, little sister Trish, his eccentric mom, Karen, and his obnoxious dad, Aaron.

He knows Sabrina because her mom and Luke's mom are very close.


Runaway Baby-Bruno Mars

Lean On Me-Bill Whiters

Wanted-Hunter Hayes

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